Specifications and Testing


Our Technical Centre houses well-qualified and experienced staff operating in a modern, well-equipped laboratory where clays and finished products are characterised, tested and developed to ensure their suitability for given applications and environments, which can vary from site to site and country to country.


For example, the 30cm x 30cm shearbox enables site spcific data to be acquired on GCLs in contact with aggregates and other geosynthetics, while triaxial test cells enable the crucial property of permeability to be measured under a variety of conditions designed to simulate those found in the field.


The laboratory equipment and technical expertise available allows clay to be prepared, analysed and tested for a variety of uses and applications ranging from foundry sands and consumer products to wastewater treatment and construction waterproofing.


For all these applications, however, an extensive knowledge of bentonite clays, their properties and manner of use is required. We have this knowledge, backed by experience gained over 83 years by our parent company in the USA, and by data acquired through CETCO sponsored research at Universities and contract testing establishments.

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