Waterstop RX®


Excluding water from structures almost always encourages the ‘belt and braces’ approach. Whilst much concrete is of high quality in terms of design and placement, areas most susceptible to water ingress are construction / daywork joints, and penetration details.


Waterstop RX101 is a specially formulated bentonite / butyl rubber strip, which is included in all concrete joints. It has the unique ability of self-injecting into localized honey combining, coupled with the ability to conform to irregular profiles (e.g. Scabbled concrete). Therefore there is no requirement for cast-in rebates (which are detrimental to the formation of a monolithic joint), or the expense and workmanship rigours of traditional PVC waterbars, which can create problems of their own. Waterstop RX101 is also used around cast-in pipe penetrations, acting as a puddle flange and as a replacement for welded or bolt-on puddle flanges.


Waterstop RX101 offers a low cost opportunity to enhance the performance of an otherwise sound concrete structure, by sealing the areas of highest permeability, irrespective of the external Voltex layer, and should therefore be considered as part of the concrete design.

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