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CETCO is the leading global supplier of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) and has a full range of products to address design challenges such as hydraulic performance, shear strength and chemical compatibility. Whatever the containment application, CETCO can assist with the selection of the most appropriate solution for the project.



Features & Benefits of CETCO GCLs

  • Industry leading internal shear strength without reliance on supplemental processing provides high safety factor on steep slope designs
  • SUPERGROOVETM technology allows bentonite to migrate out and create a self-seaming overlap reduces costs for bagged bentonite and associated labor
  • Lamination capabilities to provide composite geomembrane-GCL products
  • Granular bentonite for consistent hydraulic performance with no dust problems


Alternative to Compacted Clay

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are frequently used in environmental containment applications as an alternative to traditional compacted clay liners. GCLs consist of layers of geosynthetics surrounding a layer of low-permeability sodium bentonite. The materials are needlepunched together into a lining material capable of resistance to high shear forces.


Advantages over Compacted Clay Liner Systems

  • Self-Healing and Self-Sealing
  • Better Hydraulic Performance
  • More Resistant to Varying Weather Conditions
  • Faster and Easier to Install


Chemically resistant GCLs

Through extensive knowledge of clay-polymer interactions, CETCO has engineered GCL technologies capable of withstanding aggressive leachates. RESISTEXTM formulas utilize a blend of high performance bentonite, with polymers that enhance the properties in extreme conditions.


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