Property Line Construction


Whilst very few, if any, sheet membrane products lend themselves to ‘irregular’ property line application, Voltex offers significant cost savings on steel sheet piling, auger cast retention systems, slurry walls, and in some cases even stable soil faces. Due to the geotextile containment system, Voltex is extremely flexible and very strong, coupled with the ability for the bentonite to ‘self seal’ around fixing penetrations, allows application to surfaces which are otherwise prohibitive to adhesives. This excludes virtually all other sheet membranes, hot-mop systems, etc.). This would normally involve substantial preparation work, such as concrete reverse blinding, or sprayed concrete, etc.


For retention systems (secant piling / contiguous piling), it is merely necessary for the Voltex to closely contour the pile profiles, using CETCO’s ‘soft-washer’ system. For contiguous piling, it is recommended that the soil between the piles is cut back to at least one third of the pile diameter, to expose more of the concrete pile face and thus provide a ‘cleavage’ into which the fixings can be located, and also to prevent drying soil between the piles from dislodging, leaving undesirable voids behind. Steel sheet piling applications can be direct or indirect. The direct application is not dissimilar to auger cast retention systems, with the exception of the fasteners used. If however, the sheets need to be withdrawn after the walls have been cast, or direct application is undesirable for other reasons (excess Voltex and/or concrete), Voltex can be applied to a cheap, sacrificial shutter board, which bridges the piles, and via a ‘soft’ fastening system, allows the connection to shear, as the sheets are withdrawn.


Slurry walls, whilst similar to retention systems, are slightly more complex in terms of the finished surface, due to the large areas of exposed soil face during excavation, and particularly with loose non-cohesive soils, the likelihood of soil slippage giving rise to very sudden changes in profile (ridges and hollows) of the finished wall. Since Voltex prefers gradual changes in profile, some preparation work (scabbling, mortar / bentonite filling of voids) is likely.


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