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ULTRASEAL® XP features XP technology, the latest innovation in active waterproofing.This advanced polymer technology provides exceptional performance in a wide range of ground contaminates, including high-saline conditions. Unlike passive membranes when used alone, the self-sealing ability of the active XP technology enables the ULTRASEAL® XP waterproofing membrane to seal minor cuts or damage to the membrane. And most importantly, it has been proven effective in both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions.
ULTRASEAL® XP works by forming a low permeability membrane upon contact with water. When hydrated, the unconfined membrane can swell many times its dry volume. When confined by backfill or concrete the swell is controlled, forming a dense, impervious waterproofing membrane. This swelling action can seal small concrete cracks caused by ground settlement and concrete shrinkage.
When concrete is poured against the XP geotextile side, ULTRASEAL® XP forms
a strong mechanical bond. It contains zero VOCs, and can be installed in almost any weather condition directly to green concrete.





The ULTRASEAL® XP waterproofing system is intended to provide waterproofing protection for structural concrete surfaces under continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure; including high-saline and contaminated environments. Below ground applications include backfilled cast-in-place concrete and property line construction such as contiguous/secant piling and steel sheet piling. The membrane can be continued under the floor slab
to provide a continuous, uniform waterproofing system. ULTRASEAL® XP applications include: Foundation walls, Earth-Covered Structures, Under Slab, and Tunnels. Please consult CETCO regarding specific ground contaminates.

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