sub-surface studded HDPE drainage composite with non-woven polypropylene geotextile filter fabric




AQUADRAIN 8MM is a sub-structure composite drainage geotextile recommended for use in both horizontal and vertical situations to reduce hydrostatic pressure. It can also act as a stand-alone waterproofing system in low risk applications, and as a protective barrier where necessary to VOLCLAY Waterproofing Systems. It is available in two thicknesses to suit varying project requirements.

AQUADRAIN 8MM offers levels of protection required for below ground structures, described in BS 8102: 2009.

AQUADRAIN 8MM is compatible with the VOLCLAY Waterproofing System, and can be mechanically fastened through VOLTEX product (fixing locations self-sealing).

AQUADRAIN 8MM is impervious to water, and when fully protected from UV exposure, has a design life in excess of 120 years.



AQUADRAIN 8MM is suitable for use in the following situations:

  • Basements and foundations
  • Tunnels and underpasses
  • Underground car parks
  • Retaining walls
  • Podium / plaza decks and terraces
  • Roof gardens
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AQUADRAIN 10MMHW drainage composite is a twopart prefabricated sheet drain consisting of a 3-dimensional HDPE formed dimple core covered with a woven polypropylene filter fabric bonded to one-side. The formed dimple core provides compressive strength and collects water for flow to drainage discharge pipes. The filter fabric allows water or other liquids to pass into the drainage core while restricting the passage of soil particles. The filter fabric is bonded to each dimple to minimize fabric intrusion into the core resulting from backfill pressure. The HDPE core resists chemical attack and degradation in soil.



AQUADRAIN 10MMHW is a cost-effective drainage sheet designed to replace or complement aggregate drainage backfills. It is designed primarily for horizontal split-slab and plaza deck construction where pedestrian and light vehicular traffic will be experienced. Other applications include bridge abutments, tunnels and under interior floor slabs. AQUADRAIN 10MMHW has high compressive strength and high flow capacity. Concrete can be poured directly against the filter fabric. AQUADRAIN 10MMHW can also function as a protection course when installed over a waterproofing membrane.


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AQUADRAIN 8MM drainage composite

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