Bentonite injection grout for remedial waterproofing




BENTOGROUT is a high-solids grout consisting of a proprietary blend of bentonite and polymers formulated for sealing water leaks in existing below-ground structures. BENTOGROUT is pumped in a fluid state adjacent to the exterior of the structure where it sets up to a plastic material forming a waterproofing membrane around the structure. BENTOGROUT can be used to seal leaks in concrete, masonry block, brick, and stone foundations.


Installation is fast and easy.


BENTOGROUT does not shrink or dry out in sub-surface soil formations and is not affected by freeze / thaw cycling. It remains flexible, maintains a putty-like consistency over time, and retains a swell potential to seal itself.


BENTOGROUT primarily consists of natural minerals. It is friendly to the environment and will outlast the design-life of the structure.



  • Concrete & masonry foundation walls
  • Manholes
  • Utility vaults
  • Foundation slabs
  • Tunnels

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Bentonite Injection Grout for Remedial Waterproofing


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