Active polymer trowel-grade sealant





SEAL-X XP is trowel-grade mastic designed for a variety of surface preparation and detailing work with Ultraseal XP and other CETCO active waterproofing membranes. Featuring XP Technology hydrophilic polymer, SEAL-X XP swells upon contact with water to form a watertight barrier in fresh to high-saline water conditions. With the consistency of thick grease, SEAL-X XP is easy to apply and bonds to most building materials.




 SEAL-X XP waterproofing mastic is designed for the following uses:


  • Fillet material at horizontal and vertical inside corner transitions
  • Flashing material around mechanical and structural penetrations
  • Flashing material at waterproofing membrane terminations below-grade
  • Substrate preparation material for small concrete surface defects prior to waterproofing membrane installation

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