Lift Pits


Lift Pits are really ‘mini basements’, and involve many or all of the installation requirements of a complete basement, including possible foundation detailing, underslab installation, wall tanking, property line application etc. Generally, being at the very lowest level of a project, lift pits have a tendency to be plagued by groundwater, which, as already noted, will not preclude Voltex from being installed or performing as designed. Application, not dissimilar to pile caps, can be against concrete reverse blinding, the inside of the external formwork (utilising ‘peel-adhesion’ to concrete) etc. At the top of the lift pit, continuity with the underslab Voltex is achieved with a simple 150mm Voltex to Voltex lap, or in the case of meeting with a ground level DPM, a 300mm lap which includes a nominal 1mm layer of granular bentonite.

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