CAD Drawings


VOLTEX Waterproofing


CETCO offers a variety of standard details in both AutoCAD .dwg and Acrobat .pdf formats.

Foundation Slab

.dwg   .pdf  Structural Slab on Blinding
.dwg   .pdf  Structural Slab on Compacted Substrata
.dwg   .pdf  Steel Sheet Piling Slab Edge
.dwg   .pdf  Typical Overlap Spacing
.dwg   .pdf  Slab or Footing Edge (Option 1)
.dwg   .pdf  Slab or Footing Edge (Option 2)
.dwg   .pdf  Construction Joint
.dwg   .pdf  Slab on Footing (Hydrostatic Condition)
.dwg   .pdf  Slab on Footing (Non-Hydrostatic)
.dwg   .pdf  Structural Slab on Blinding
.dwg   .pdf  Elevated Slab (Hydrostatic Condition)
.dwg   .pdf  Elevated Slab (Non-Hydrostatic)
.dwg   .pdf  Slab to Wall (Hydrostatic Condition)
.dwg   .pdf  Slab to Wall (Non-Hydrostatic)
.dwg   .pdf  Slab to Wall (Non-Hydrostatic)
.dwg   .pdf  Typical Backfilled Lift Pit
.dwg   .pdf  Backfilled Lift (Non-Hydrostatic)
.dwg   .pdf  Typical Penetration Over Blinding
.dwg   .pdf  Typical Slab Penetration over Blinding
.dwg   .pdf  Pipe PenetrationCompacted Substrata
.dwg   .pdf  Multiple Pipe Penetration
.dwg   .pdf  Multiple Pipe Penetrations Compacted Substrata
.dwg   .pdf  Ground Beam (Hydrostatic Condition)
.dwg   .pdf  Ground Beam (Non-Hydrostatic)
.dwg   .pdf  Pile Cap (Hydrostatic Condition)
.dwg   .pdf  Pile Cap (Non-Hydrostatic)
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