The World's Leading Bentonite-Geotextile Waterproofing System

CETCO’s Building Materials produces VOLCLAY Waterproofing Products, which utilise the unique, high-swelling properties of sodium bentonite. This is a clay of volcanic origin with the ability of swelling many times its dry volume when in contact with water. In a confined state this forms a dense, impenetrable gel, that completely locks water and vapour out.


Some of the benefits of the VOLCLAY Waterproofing System include:


  • It is cost-effective compared to traditional waterproofing methods (reduced detailing; ancillary products; installation time / labour costs)
  • Voltex can be installed in all weather conditions, has self-healing / sealing properties and has excellent peel-adhesion / self-bonding to concrete
  • Conforms with BS 8102: 2009 (Type A, all Grades)
  • The CETCO service includes: feasability study, independent project-specific technical advice, design guidance / technical drawings, on-site installation training & site inspections, as well as back up from our in-house Research & Development department
  • CETCO System Warranty available 
  • BBA certified (86/1650)
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited Millions of square metres have been successfully installed worldwide.

Building on this success, CETCO’s Building Materials also have a Contracting Division which specialises in sealing water ingress in basement structures. 


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