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ULTRASEAL XP Waterproofing


CETCO offers a variety of standard details in both AutoCAD .dwg and Acrobat .pdf formats.

Property Line Wall

.dwg   .pdf  Slab to Wall Transition
.dwg   .pdf  Slab to Wall Transition with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Steel Sheet Piling
.dwg   .pdf  Steel Sheet Piling with Plywood
.dwg   .pdf  Slab to Wall Transition - Shotcrete Retaining
.dwg   .pdf  Auger Pile with Shotcrete Retaining Wall
.dwg   .pdf  Base of Wall Shotcrete Retaining (Non-Hydrostatic)
.dwg   .pdf  Steel Sheet Pile
.dwg   .pdf  Field Fabricated Tie-Back Cover Assembly
.dwg   .pdf  Typical Lagging Wall
.dwg   .pdf  Typical Lagging Wall with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Typical Soldier Pile
.dwg   .pdf  Solder Pile with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Lagging - Front Flange Position
.dwg   .pdf  Lagging - Front Flange Position with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Cementitious Board at Grade
.dwg   .pdf  Cementitious Board at Grade with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Steel Sheet Piling Interlock
.dwg   .pdf  Earth Formed Shotcrete Retaining Wall
.dwg   .pdf  Shotcrete Retaining Wall with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Cut Rock Excavation - Irregular
.dwg   .pdf  Cut Rock (Irregular) Excavation with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Auger Cast Caisson Wall - Grout Prep
.dwg   .pdf  Excavated Caisson with Shotcrete Layer
.dwg   .pdf  Caisson Wall Grout Prep with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Excavated Caisson w/Shotcrete & Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Lagging With Insulation and Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Lagging With Aquadrain and Insulation
.dwg   .pdf  Slab-to-Wall Transition
.dwg   .pdf  Slab and Wall - Raised Slab
.dwg   .pdf  Slab and Wall - Raised Slab
.dwg   .pdf  Slab to Wall Transition - Base Drain
.dwg   .pdf  Pipe Penetration
.dwg   .pdf  Pipe Penetration with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Sleeved Pipe Penetration
.dwg   .pdf  Sleeved Pipe Penetration with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Angled Waler
.dwg   .pdf  Angled Waler with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Mid-Lagged Soldier Pile w/Angle Iron
.dwg   .pdf  Mid-Lagged Soldier Pile w/Angle Iron & Rebar
.dwg   .pdf  Mid-Lagged Soldier Pile with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  2-Piece Form-Tie
.dwg   .pdf  2-Piece Form-Tie with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Form-Tie (all Thread Rod)
.dwg   .pdf  Form-Tie (all Thread Rod) with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Form Tie Bracket
.dwg   .pdf  Form-Tie Bracket with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  Pre-Moulded Tie-Back Boot
.dwg   .pdf  UX03_470_NH_20130815_EN
.dwg   .pdf  Field Fabricated Tie-Back Cover Installation
.dwg   .pdf  Soil Nail at Cut Rock Excavation
.dwg   .pdf  Soil Nail at Cut Rock Excavation with Aquadrain
.dwg   .pdf  CXJ Below Grade Expansion Joint
.dwg   .pdf  CXJ Expansion Joint with Aquadrain
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